Leikr is a next generation sports watch with latest communication technologies and advanced software that helps athlete in tracking progress and improving performance. The watch is a must have device for any athlete looking for training data from triathlon, swimming, cycling and many more sports activities. Leikr GPS sports watch features in-built software such as Personal coach function that records your performance and inspires you for optimal performance.

What is Leikr used as?

Standalone GPS Training watch. The watch also functions as a personal training coach where it records your performance details and inspires you to improve. (SmartWatches For Sport & Thinnest)
The big 2” color display gives your all information about your sports activity such as speed, heart rate, pace, calories burned, elapsed time and distance in single glance.

What is Leikr used for?

  • Functions as your personal trainer. Select your workout on the Leikr portal and upload it to your Leikr watch and the device will guide you through the workout.
  • Allows you to view Maps with a click of button. It helps you visualize your position on the route you have taken
  • Works as a GPS position tracker.
  • Displays time and important activity related data such as heart rate, calories burned and many more important readings.

Widgets and Apps for Leikr:

The Leikr GPS sports watch is Endomondo enabled which means your training data is automatically transferred to the Endomondo sports community website where you can analyze it and share it with friends. The built-in functionality transfers the data through preferred wireless connectivity.


Manufacturer: Leikr
Website: leikr
Model: Leikr GPS Sports Watch
Connectivity: USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi b/g/n
Operating System: custom software based on Linux developed by Leikr
Battery and Power: build in Lithium Polymer battery with 6 hours life in Active mode and 12 hours in idle mode


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