Dot – Smart watch for the blind

SmartWatch Braille language Connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth Can transfer clock specialized texts in Braille from any app Can send simple text messages using buttons on the sides More info here.

sWaP Active

sWap Active is a stylish, ultra-lightweight, sporty smart watch and touch screen camera phone. Besides, a communication capability, the smart device also features an mp3 player for entertainment. . Despite the small size form factor, sWap Active offers every functionality you can find in a latest cellular device. sWap Active supports 8 languages for operation … Read more

Wimm One

:: This company was acquired by Google :: Wimm One is a stylish trendy smart watch that runs on a modified version of Android platform. Unlike other smart watches with limited compatibility, Wimm One can communicate with wide range of smart phones that includes Android SmartPhone’s, iPhone’s, Blackberry phones and Windows phone. Many people consider … Read more

LG GD910 Mobile Phone

LG GD910 is the first 3G watch phone featuring touch screen and having video calling capabilities. LG Electronics has mentioned the LG GD910 is the first Smart phone and watch hybrid to appear in the market. The watch phone is built rugged and comes packed in a waterproof casing. LG GD910 Mobile Phone features an … Read more