WearIT is the world’s first smart watch based on Android platform which is specifically designed for fitness and sports, wellness, monitoring, personal and social gaming. The Smart watch is equipped with various sensors such as accelerometer, pedometer and magnetometer. The GPS feature in WearIT ensures you are never lost or away from reach of your loved ones.

What is WearIT used as?

Standalone performance monitoring device and digital watch (SmartWatches For Sport & Thinnest).
The performance and fitness data recorded in WearIT can be enhanced with logs, charts, additional content and several other things. The super sensitive touch screen enables you to use the watch just like your mobile device.

What is WearIT used for?

  • Used as a GPS tracker to know relative position and easy navigation
  • Allows you to share your performance metrics with your friends
  • Can be used as a music player
  • Integrated buzzer and alarm function to set a reminder
  • Measures your performance data through different sensors such as accelerometer, pedometer and magnetometer
  • Can be used as a compass
  • Use it as a digital watch
  • The functionality of WearIT can be extended by different apps.

Widgets and Apps for WearIT:

The WearIT app store will be unveiled soon. The WearIT app store is expected to have several useful apps that will extend the features of this amazing sport watch. Using different apps you can add functionalities to your WearIT smart watch such as heart rate monitors, pulse oximeters, blood glucose meters and speed and cadence sensors


Manufacturer: Si14 SpA
Website: wearit.it
Model: WearIT smart watch
Connectivity: Bluetooth and Bluetooth (Low Energy), Wi-Fi 802.11 .b/g/n, Ant+, USB 2.0
Operating System: Android 4.1 Jellybean based OS
Battery and Power: 550 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery


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