The G-SHOCK GB6900AA-7 is a smart watch with email and messaging capabilities. The watch works like an extension to your SmartPhone. The Casio G-SHOCK GB6900AA-7 works to reduce the risk of missing calls and email communications. It is compatible with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 through use of G-Shock+ App available at the App store.

What is G-SHOCK GB6900AA-7 used as?

Standalone digital clock and extension to your iPhone so that you never miss calls or email communications (SmartWatch For IPhone and IOS Devices).

G-SHOCK GB6900AA-7 is very easy to setup. All you need to do is install the G-Shock app and make the required settings for incoming alerts, mails. One of the unique built-in function in G-SHOCK GB6900AA-7 is Phone finder. Pressing a button on G-SHOCK GB6900AA-7 causes the iPhone to play a tone or music which will help you discover its actual location around you. The link loss alerts feature is useful as it warns you when you move away from your iPhone.

What is G-SHOCK GB6900AA-7 used for?

  • Has a full functional calendar pre-programmed until 2099. The phone will vibrate and alert you when you have an event enabled in your iPhone.
  • Alerts you about incoming calls and email
  • Alerts you about Facebook, Twitter, Weibo 2 notification through tones and sounds
  • Works as a Phone finder
  • Alerts you if you walk away from your iPhone

Widgets and Apps for G-SHOCK GB6900AA-7:

The Casio G-SHOCK GB6900AA-7 is only compatible with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. You need to download G-SHOCK+ App from the Apple App store to use it as extension of your SmartPhone. Download and install the app and set the iPhone to communicate with your G-SHOCK GB6900AA-7.


Manufacturer: Casio America Inc
Website: Casio
Model: G-SHOCK GB6900AA-7
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Operating System: Proprietary software developed by Casio

you can buy it from:

Amazon - G-SHOKE GB6900AA-7

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