The CST-01 is the thinnest wrist watch in the world. Barely a millimeter thick, the CST-01 is thinner than your credit card. The CST-01 is different than other digital and analog watches. The watch comprises of several thin components etched into single flexible stainless steel body. The watch uses E Ink display and is capable of displaying several watch faces which also includes time in 12 hour and 24 hour format. The display of CST-01 is quite big that you will never feel the need to bring your CST-01 closer to your face to read time.

What is CST-01 used as?

Standalone watch. (Smart Watches For Sport & Thinnest)
The CST-01 is supplied with a base station that is required for charging the CST-01. The watch is quite flexible and fits snugly on your wrist. The timepiece does not have any buttons. All buttons and controls required to setup the watch are provided on the base station. The primary use of base station is to recharge the battery in CST-01. The watch can be charged in just 10 minutes and the charge lasts long; around 1 month.

How to setup your CST-01?

Being the thinnest watch in the world, all controls required to setup the watch is available on the base station that is part of the CST-01 package. Press and turn the knob on the base station to set up time on your CST-01. You can also setup the CST-01 watch to display time in 24 hour format.

What is CST-01 used for?

• Displays time in 12 hour and 24 hour format.

Widgets and Apps for CST-01:

The CST-01 is simply a watch but the thinnest one in the world. It does not have any pedometers, Internet connectivity or fancy sensors. So there are no widgets and apps available for CST-01.


Manufacturer: Central Standard Timing, LLC.
Website: centralstandardtiming.com
Model: CST-01
Connectivity: Not Applicable
Operating System: proprietary digital clock system developed by Central Standard Timing, LLC.
Battery and Power: embedded Thinergy Micro-Energy Cell. Charging time- 10 minutes.


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