Mio Alpha

Mio Alpha is an advanced heart tracking wrist watch that enables the user to get most out of exercise. The heart rate is an important fitness metric to know the exercise intensity level. Mio Alpha is an easy to use heart rate monitor that allows you to know the heart rate while maintaining the speed and also keep on going. This unique heart tracking device has the capability to display heart rate in real time at the push of a single button.

What is Mio Alpha used as?

Standalone heart rate monitor and digital watch. Mio Alpha is compatible with iPhone 4S and 5 (Smartwatch for IPhone / SmartWatch For Sport & Thinnest / SmartWatch For Android). The watch cam also send heart rate readings on any Android phone that communicates over Bluetooth 4.0 protocols (

Mio Alpha uses an optical sensor that can accurately read the volume of blood flowing under the skin. The heart rate function does not run continuously, you can turn it on or off by pressing the button on the right side of the watch. Besides, displaying heart rate, the watch also has additional features wherein you can set desired minimum and maximum heart rate you want to achieve during the exercise. The device allows you to set visual and audio alerts so that you do not have to look at the watch while you are engrossed in exercise

How to pair your Mio Alpha to iPhone?

Mio Alpha uses Bluetooth technology or Ant+ for pairing with compatible devices. You need to download the App that will be used for pairing. Plug in the Ant+ dongle in your iPhone and launch the app. Open the Settings menu in the App and follow the onscreen instructions to pair your Mio Alpha with your iPhone. Setup instructions vary with every app.

How to pair your Mio Alpha with any Smart Phone?

To pair your Mio Alpha with any compatible SmartPho0ne, you need locate an option in the phone or app that allows you to add heart rate device. Your Smartphone will search for the device and you can see alpha listed in the device list. Click on add and you are done with the pairing

What is Mio Alpha used for?

  • Tracks your heart rate in real time
  • Set lowest and highest heart rate you want to achieve during your exercise session
  • Displays time when not showing heart rate readings in real time
  • Displays different fitness metrics such as exercise time, average heart rate in different exercise intensity zones
  • Works as a timer

Widgets and Apps for Mio Alpha:

There are several Android and iPhone apps that work with Mio Alpha. Some of them are Endomondo, iBike Sports, micoach by Adidas, Wahoo fitness, Map My Ride, Runkeeper, Map My Run, and Strava. Some of the apps are only available for iPhone devices,.


Manufacturer: Physical Enterprises Inc.
Website: Mio
Model: Mio Alpha
Connectivity: Ant+ and Bluetooth 4.0
Operating System: proprietary Mio Alpha software developed by manufacturer
Battery and Power: 170mAh Lithium Polymer. Expected battery life 5 years.

you can buy it from:

Amazon - MIO

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