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Nike+ Sportwatch GPS powered by TomTom is a stylish sports watch that keeps track of your every step you take and encourages you to improve your running performance. The device features a GPS and indoor tracking capabilities which mean every step you take is monitored and recorded by Nike Sportwatch GPS powered by TomTom. The smart watch uses Nike’s proprietary Nike + running software and Tom Tom GPS technology to provide advanced performance tracking of your running activity. The watch works perfectly outdoor and indoor. This means your every step on treadmill or road is recorded in the device.

What is Nike+ Sportwatch GPS powered by TomTom used as?

Standalone device to track your running, GPS locator, and digital watch (SmartWatches For Running).
The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS powered by TomTom is easy to setup. The smart watch tracks all fitness metrics such as time, distance covered, lap completed, calories burned and heart rate. The GPS technology enables the user to see the pace data, mapped route, and changes in elevation on website. The display can be customized so you can see only the data you want to. Nike+ Sportwatch GPS powered by TomTom updates all data to where you can see how elevation affects your pace, view your splits and also connect with other runners.

How to connect your Nike+ Sportwatch GPS powered by TomTom to Windows PC or Mac?

You need to download Nike+ software from to connect your Nike+ Sportwatch GPS powered by TomTom to your Windows or Macintosh computer. After downloading the software, run the installer and follow on-screen instructions. Plug in Nike+ Sportwatch GPS powered by TomTom in empty USB port of your computer. Create a Nike+ account to access the website.

What is Nike+ Sportwatch GPS powered by TomTom used for?

  • Works as your personal running coach which monitors your performance data and allows you to set run reminders so you never forget your fitness goals in daily life
  • Track your laps and analyze your daily and weekly performance
  • Tracks distance covered, calories burned
  • The in-built GPS technology displays your current position on the trail or road you take.
  • Records your running data and uploads it on where you can analyze your performance on different terrains.
  • Displays time in 12/24 hour format
  • Set alarm and run reminders

Widgets and Apps for Nike+ Sportwatch:

The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS powered by TomTom is compatible with Windows computer and Macintosh computers. However, you need to download and install Nike+ Connect software to make Nike+ Sportwatch GPS powered by TomTom compatible with windows and Macintosh computers. Nike Inc offers free download of Nike+ Connect software for Windows and Mac.


Manufacturer: Nike Inc
Website: Nike
Model: Nike+ Sportwatch GPS powered By TOMTOM
Connectivity: Wireless, USB 2.0
Operating System: proprietary Nike Software
Battery and Power: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery with 8 hrs runtime (GPS and other sensors activated), Standby time 50 days

you can buy it from:

Amazon - Nike+ SportWatch GPS
eBay - Nike+ SportWatch

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