sWaP Active

sWap Active is a stylish, ultra-lightweight, sporty smart watch and touch screen camera phone. Besides, a communication capability, the smart device also features an mp3 player for entertainment. . Despite the small size form factor, sWap Active offers every functionality you can find in a latest cellular device. sWap Active supports 8 languages for operation mode which includes English, French, German and other popular languages. sWap Active is a unique device which presents with communication capability of a mobile phone minus the risk of losing phone.

What is sWap Active used as?

Standalone smart watch, camera phone and mp3 player. sWap Active also works with computer system running Windows OS. (Watch Cell Phone)
The sWap Active can be connected to you computer easily. You are not required to download any additional software. The in-built camera of sWap Active functions as a webcam when connected to computer. sWap Active is equipped with a sensitive touch screen that is used for majority of the operations of the device.

How to connect your sWap Active to Windows PC?

The sWap Active can be connected to Windows computer using the USB cable provided in the package. Insert the smaller USB plug in to sWap Active and larger USB plug into vacant USB port of your computer. The Windows system will automatically recognize the smart device and install necessary drivers. Once the drivers are installed sWap Active can be used a webcam and mass storage device. If the sWap Active is off, it only appears as a mass storage device.

What is sWap Active used for?

  • Can be used a mp3 player
  • Displays date and time in 24-hr/12-hr format. The device also has a World Clock feature where you can see current time in any country.
  • Calendar function to store reminders and appointment, World Clock.
  • The device also has an in-built eBook reader to read PDF’s and document in other electronic formats
  • Listen to local FM radio channels
  • Use it as a cellular phone. sWap Active has all essential features of cellular phone that includes SMS, MMS, WAP, Recent calls and missed call logs, and phonebook to store contacts
  • Can be used a alarm clock
  • Use it as a mass storage device to store important files
  • The in-built camera is useful to click pictures and record video
  • Watch videos in 3gp and mp4 format.

Widgets and Apps for sWap Active:

sWap Active is only compatible with Windows system. It does not require any special software to communicate with Windows computer.


Manufacturer: DYAL Trading Limited
Website: www.s-w-a-p.co.uk
Model: sWap Active
Connectivity: Bluetooth and USB 2.0
Operating System: proprietary sWap Active OS system
Battery and Power: 320mAh. Standby time- 90 hours and Talk Time-

you can buy it from:

Amazon - sWaP Active
eBay - sWaP Active

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