Suunto Core All Black

The Suunto Core All Black is an award winning watch having robust construction, stylish design, and all essential functionalities necessary for outdoor adventures. Features like compass, barometer, and altimeter make it’s a perfect outdoor watch that brings out your adventurous personality. The watch is ideal for people who enjoy outdoor activities like climbing, snorkeling, hiking and countless other recreational activities. This feature packed outdoor watch gives you all information about the climate and surrounding environment and helps you enjoy your recreational activity to the extreme.

What is Suunto Core All Black used as?

Standalone Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, depth meter for Snorkeling, and digital watch with Chronograph (SmartWatches For Running / SmartWatch For Cycling)
Suunto Core All Black gives you all readings such as time, altitude and barometric pressure in easy read modes. Besides, it also gives additional information with every type of reading allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities to the fullest.

How to set your Suunto Core All Black for outdoor activities?

Suunto Core All Black presents you different measure units for time, barometric pressure, altitude and temperature. You need to select your convenient units of measurement for every type of information. Once set, you just need to switch to different modes to view the information. The outdoor watch displays different types of useful information to keep you safe during outdoor activities such as Storm Alarm, Altitude difference measurer to measure your progress in climbing.

What is Suunto Core All Black used for?

  • Displays current altitude, barometric pressure and snorkeling depth
  • Measures absolute air pressure constantly and calculates altitude and sea level pressure
  • Displays current week and day
  • Displays date and time in different formats
  • Displays time of sunrise and sunset at a specific location.
  • Stopwatch functions as a sport timer
  • Dual time functionality displays time in other zone
  • Displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Alarm function with snooze options
  • Weather trend indicator that acts as quick reference to check upcoming weather conditions
  • Storm alarm notification with alarm
  • Altitude difference measurer function that lets you track your progress while climbing
  • Record logs and stores them for later viewing
  • Compass mode with bearing tracking feature that enables you to orient your position related to magnetic North and guide you accordingly.


Manufacturer: Suunto Oy Finland.
Model: Suunto Core All Black
Operating System: proprietary Suunto Wristop computer software
Battery and Power: User-replaceable battery CR2032

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