SONY SmartWatch MN2SW


SONY SmartWatch MN2SW is a sleek, stylish smart watch that tells you more than time. It can be strapped to your wrist or clipped to your clothing. The smart watch offers a wide range of functions that includes controlling your smart phone in your pocket. Just like your smart phone, the SONY SmartWatch MN2SW also has multiple screens and an app tray with several app icons in it. The SONY SmartWatch is only 1.42 inches tall, 0.3 inches thick. It features 1.3 inch OLED displaying data with 128 X 128-pixel resolution. The casing of SONY SmartWatch MN2SW is splash and dust proof. The touch screen is smooth adding that adds to the fun of browsing through multiple screens and apps.

What is SONY SmartWatch MN2SW used as?

Standalone watch and extension of your smart phone. SONY SmartWatch MN2SW is only compatible with Android phone running Android 4.0 and higher operating systems (SmartWatch for Android Devices).

The SONY SmartWatch MN2SW is not just a smart watch. The functionality of the smart watch can be enhanced by apps. You can use the watch as a countdown timer, GPS locator, play games and other functions.

Connecting your SONY SmartWatch MN2SW to Android Phone

The SONY SmartWatch MN2SW is easy to setup. It uses Bluetooth to connect to device. Download and install Smartwatch from Google Play and install it on your Android phone. Once you have installed the app, go to Settings of the App to pair the smart phone with SONY SmartWatch MN2SW. Once the app is installed and configured, you can search for compatible Smartwatch apps compatible for the device.

SONY SmartWatch MN2SW functionality includes:

  • Check latest text messages and email
  • Check latest Facebook and Twitter updates
  • Identify caller and answer or reject a call
  • Control music player of your Android phone. Play, stop and skip music tracks
  • Click photos and record videos easily (Requires Camera Click for Smartwatch app installed on your Android phone)
  • Like or Open Facebook events on your Sony Smart watch screen (Requires Sony Extras for Facebook app installed on your phone)
  • Write quick notes directly on you Sony Smart Watch

The functionality of SONY SmartWatch MN2SW can be greatly increased by installing various apps recommended for the device.

Widgets and Apps for SONY SmartWatch MN2SW:

There are several Android apps available for SONY SmartWatch MN2SW. Smartwatch is the official application required to pair your SONY SmartWatch MN2SW with Android phone. Other important apps available on Google Play are Camera click for Smartwatch, Countdown for SmartWatch, Sony Extras for Facebook, GPS Data for Sony SmartWatch, and many more apps. There are several game and productivity apps available to enhance functionality of your SONY SmartWatch MN2SW.


Manufacturer: Sony Electronics Inc
Model: SONY SmartWatch MN2SW
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Operating System: Sony Electronics Inc.
Battery and Power: rechargeable battery

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