Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2

Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2

Sony SmartWatch 2 is the latest entrant in the SmartWatch category. It is also the first water resistant (IP57 water resistance classification) Smartwatch featuring the new NFC technology tech enthusiasts rave about. Sony has introduced several new improvements in Sony SmartWatch 2 taking the Smartwatch to the next level. To begin with Sony SmartWatch 2 has standalone capability to execute several tasks, a new intuitive user interface, a transflective LCD 1.6-inch screen with a resolution of 220×176 pixels, and improved performance. The Sony SmartWatch 2 features the company latest technology and design expertise that is adequate to make it top contender in the growing SmartWatch segment.

What is Sony SmartWatch 2 used as?

Standalone digital or analog watch (based on your preferences) and extension of your Android Smartphone. (SmartWatch for Android Devices).

The Sony SmartWatch 2 runs on the popular Android platform which means it will be compatible with almost any Android SmartPhone in the market. Since the Smartwatch runs the latest customized version of Android platform, users will be required to upgrade their smart phones to Android 4.0 and above to pair with Sony SmartWatch 2. The usability of the Sony SmartWatch 2 greatly depends on the type of apps you install.

How to set up Sony SmartWatch 2?

The Sony SmartWatch 2 comes with 2 apps pre-installed, the main app Smart Connect is used to pair with Sony Smart phones and other Android gadgets. The Smartwatch features buttons just like a normal watch. The power button on the Sony SmartWatch 2 is used to pair and unpair with Android gadgets and Sony Smart phones. To setup Sony SmartWatch 2 you need to install the recommended Android pairing app advised by Sony. Once the app is installed, you need to switch on Bluetooth functionality on your SmartPhone and look for Sony SmartWatch 2 entry in the devices list. Select Sony SmartWatch 2 to complete the paring with your Android device

What is Sony SmartWatch 2 used for?

  • Works as second screen for your Sony SmartPhone and Android devices
  • Answer phone calls with a touch of button
  • Access phone logs and make phone calls from your Sony SmartWatch 2
  • Access and read text messages and MMS
  • Displays time in analog and digital format
  • Use the device as flashlight
  • Access notification and messages from paired Android gadget
  • Set alarms and access all calendar function of the paired Android device
  • Access Facebook, Twitter and social media updates on the Smart watch screen
  • Check Gmail notifications
  • Get location based weather updates
  • Control your SmartPhone music player. Play and skip music tracks right from the SmartWatch screen

Widgets and Apps for Sony SmartWatch 2:

The Sony SmartWatch 2 is an Android SmartPhone and majority of the apps compatible for Android SmartWatches will work with it. The company has mentioned in its Press Release about more than 200 compatible Apps available on Google Play. Some of the Android Apps worth mention are Sony Extras for Facebook, Smart Connect(for pairing with Android device or Sony SmartPhone), and Camera Click for Smartwatch.


Manufacturer: Sony Mobile Communications AB
Model: Sony SmartWatch 2
Operating System: customized Android OS developed specifically for SmartPhone
Battery and Power: built-in 140 mAH Lithium-polymer battery


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