Samsung Galaxy Altius

The product is yet to be officially launched,
All information in this article is still only speculation.

(The section will be updated soon)

Samsung Galaxy Altius is a forthcoming next generation smartwatch from Samsung. Several experts also consider Samsung Smart watch as a miniature computer that will serve as an accessory to you Smart Phone or Tablet device. The Samsung Galaxy Altius is likely to give users quick access to time and date, music playback controls and email notifications. The smartwatch will have a user interface similar to that of Windows Phone. Different tiles on Samsung Galaxy Altius screen will have email notifications, date and time display, music controls and many more other things. The result is user does not have to press buttons to read different types of information.

What is Samsung Galaxy Altius used as?

Standalone watch and extension of your Smartphone and tablet. (Smartwatch for Android Devices)

The Samsung Galaxy Altius is more likely based on Samsung Galaxy S IV. The smartwatch features a touch screen display and majority of the settings are accessible from the user interface. The Samsung Galaxy Altius is likely to have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to connect to your smart phone. The watch may also have SIM card slot which would make it a full fledge calling device. The watch features a 2.5 inch 500 x 500 TFT LCD multi touch display and 16GB NAND Flash storage.

How to connect your Samsung Galaxy Altius to Windows PC or Mac?

The Samsung Galaxy Altius is likely to have a mini-USB port to connect to windows computer or Macintosh computers. You will be required to download and install Samsung PC Suite to sync the device with your computer

What is Samsung Galaxy Altius used for?

  • Display date and time
  • Play music tracks
  • View text messages, missed call alerts
  • Get social media updates

Widgets and Apps for Samsung Galaxy Altius:

The Samsung Galaxy Altius will have built-in apps like the email app and music app. The availability of more apps will be confirmed when Samsung announces the OS specifications in Samsung Galaxy Altius. The email app will allow you to read emails or the company may provide a text to speech software that will read your emails. The music app will enable the user to play mp3 tracks stored in internal storage or allow the user to control music player of the Smartphone that is paired with Samsung Galaxy Altius.


Manufacturer: Samsung Electronics
Website: The product is yet to be officially launched. (Note: the section will be updated soon)
Model: Samsung Galaxy Altius
Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. May have GSM (if SIM card slot is provided), NFC based connectivity options
Operating System: AltiusOS beta2
Battery and Power: Rechargeable Lithium –ion battery

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