Nike+ FuelBand

Nike + FuelBand is a smart wrist band that inspires you to lead an active life by recording your daily activity and encouraging you to reach your daily fitness goal. This smart fitness gadget uses proprietary fitness technology developed by Nike that helps you reach your fitness goal in a smart manner. Though, a smart fitness gadget, it doesn’t look like one. It looks more like a trendy wrist band that you can comfortably wear when you go to your office or while at home.

What is Nike + FuelBand used as?

Stand alone activity tracker & digital watch that also works with computer, Mac and iPhone running iOS6 mobile operating system (Sports & Thinnest + SmartWatch For IPhone).

The fitness data recorded in Nike + FuelBand is available at a press of a button on the device and the LED indicators in the device lets you know the status and efforts that you need to put in to reach the fitness goal set for the day.

How to connect your Nike + FuelBand to Windows PC or Mac?

The Nike + FuelBand has inbuilt USB interface. All you need to do is release the link that reveals the USB interface. Kindly read the manual carefully and then proceed to the task of releasing the link of the FuelBand. Download Nike+ Connect software from Nike website and connect the Nike + FuelBand to USB port of your computer. Install the software and connect your Nike + FuelBand. The program will launch automatically every time you connect your Nike + FuelBand to your computer through USB. Enter your height weight and set your fitness goals through the software.

What is Nike + FuelBand used for?

  • Keeps count of daily activity of the person who wears it on his/her wrist.
  • Device to set daily fitness goals and track your progress throughout the day.
  • Works round the clock to measure your movement and keep track of your progress.
  • Measure your movement and keep track of day-to-day activity and the calories burned
  • To record data of your daily activities which includes activities like dancing, walking, running, basketball, and other activities done by a person in his/her normal daily routine

Widgets and Apps for Nike + FuelBand:

Nike + FuelBand works with computer, Mac and iPhone running iOS6 mobile operating system. You need to download recommended App from Nike website to sync data and update your fitness goal with any recommended compatible devices. The company provides free download of Nike+ Connect software for Windows PC and Mac. The Nike+ Connect software is useful for customizing settings of Nike + FuelBand. The Nike + FuelBand can be connected directly to the USB port of your computer and Mac.

The Nike + FuelBand App available in AppStore can be used to pair your fitness device with iPod or iPhone running iOS6. When the fitness device and your Apple device is in vicinity, you can activate the pairing through Bluetooth and sync and view your progress data. The progress data can also be uploaded to Nike website to view the progress in graphical form.


Manufacturer: Nike Inc
Website: nike
Model: Nike+ FUELBAND
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Operating System: Proprietary software developed by Nike Inc
Battery and Power: 2 Lithium Polymer Batteries (3.7V)

you can buy it from:

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eBay - Nike+ FuelBand

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