Motorola MotoACTV

Motorola MotoACTV

MotoACTV is an advanced fitness tracker with GPS functionality and built in mp3 player. The GPS fitness tracker and mp3 player is packed into a small stylish device that can be worn on the wrist. The MotoACTV has several built-in functionalities that work to enhance different sport activities you indulge in. The fitness device is capable of tracking performance of more than 40 activities that includes running, cycling, golf and many more.

What is Motorola MotoACTV used as?

Standalone GPS tracker, heart monitor and mp3 player (SmartWatches For Music / SmartWatches For Sport & Thinnest).
The performance and fitness data can be viewed directly on the device or on an online portal. The mp3 player not only acts a mode of entertainment but also inspires you to outperform your previous performance records in different activities. The smart mp3 player measures your performance against different music tracks and selects the one that motivates you. The device features a dedicated workout button for easy start and stop of workout periods

How to connect your Motorola MotoACTV to Windows PC or Mac?

You need to connect your MotoACTV directly to your computer or Mac using the USB cable provided with the device. The driver’s installation setup is launched automatically when you connect MotoACTV to your computer or Mac for the first time. You can also launch the set up manually. Once the setup is complete, you need to create a MotoCast ID to log in at

What is Motorola MotoACTV used for?

  • Monitors your heart rate during activity
  • Plays music that motivates you to excel
  • Track your sports activities and allows you to define targets for every activity
  • The built-in GPS tracker allows you to see your relative position to your selected track
  • Records and stores your performance data
  • Transfers your performance data to your computer, Mac, Android device, and online portal through wireless connection.
  • The GPS and MOTOACTV’s AccuSense™ sensors work together to track time, calories burned
  • Installing MotoACTV app on your Android phone allows you to use the MotoACTV to answer call and receive messages

Widgets and Apps for Motorola MotoACTV:

MotoACTV works with Windows computer, Macintosh and Android devices. You need to download compatible software from Motorola website to make the MotoACTV sync data with your computer or any compatible device. Android phone users need to download and install MotoACTV app to make their Smart phone compatible with the device. Installing the MotoACTV Weather plug-in on Smartphone delivers weather related information directly on MotoACTV display.


Manufacturer: Motorola Mobility LLC
Model: MotoACTV
Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy, GPS, Wi-Fi, Ant+ enabled
Operating System: proprietary MotoACTV software developed by Motorola
Battery and Power: 258 mAh, Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

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  1. A bit old but still unequaled. No other watch out there has all of the MOTOACTV features. The dedicated MOTOACTV fitness web is simply awesome for someone who’s serious about her training or just manage playlists.


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