Microsoft Smartwatch

The product is yet to be officially launched,
All information in this article is still only speculation.

(The section will be updated soon)

Microsoft Smartwatch is an advanced Smartwatch with a touch screen interface and 1.5 inch display. The SmartWatch is said to be developed by same team which developed accessories for Kinect and Xbox. Microsoft Smartwatch is believed to have five-pin magnetic power connector like the Microsoft surface tablet. The five pin magnetic connector can be used to charge the battery and also transfer data to and fro from Microsoft Smartwatch. The Microsoft Smartwatch borrows several features from Windows phone such as ability to control third-party apps by voice

What is Microsoft Smartwatch used as?

Standalone watch and extension of your SmartPhone (SmartWatches For Windows Phone Devices).
The touch screen interface of Microsoft Smartwatch consists of live tiles, just like Windows phone. The tiles in Microsoft Smartwatch will show information about weather, time and other information user wants to see on the watch screen.

How to connect your Microsoft Smartwatch to Mac?

The five-pin magnetic connector can be used to connect to Macintosh computers. Users with newer Windows Systems will be able to connect their Microsoft Smartwatch to computer provided the system has the interface for connecting five-pin magnetic connector.

What is Microsoft Smartwatch used for?

  • Displays time
  • Set alarms and reminders
  • Displays weather information
  • Play music

As per reports, the Microsoft Smartwatch is more likely to have entertainment features in comparison to communication capabilities. However, Microsoft is known to be keen to launch a Smartwatch that can compete with likes of iWatch and other smart watches launched in the market.

Widgets and Apps for Microsoft Smartwatch:

The Microsoft Smartwatch will have a customized Windows OS, so apps that generally work on new Windows Phone will be compatible with Microsoft Smartwatch.


Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
Website: The product is yet to be officially launched
Model: Microsoft Smartwatch
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Operating System: Proprietary Windows OS
Battery and Power: rechargeable Lithium ion batteries

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