Martian Passport Watches

Martian Passport Watches are world’s first voice command watches that work with almost any phone equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology. The watch features a classic analog dial which look more like a James bond device in 1960’s. With Martian Passport Watch on your wrist, you will never feel the need to pick your phone to answer a call or listen to messages. Besides, the voice commands, the integrated voice command capability in Martian Passport Watch also control apps on your Smartphone.

What is Martian Passport Watches used as?

Standalone watch and Smartphone extension for your Android phone, Apple devices, BlackBerry phone and Windows phone. Martian Passport Watches are compatible with almost every Android phone and Apple devices which includes, iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

The in-built microphone in Martian Passport Watches has the capability to control every Smartphone feature that can be executed through voice command. The Martian Passport Watches have a rugged stainless steel body that houses noise cancellation microphone and a directional speaker to hear calls.

How to connect your Martian Passport Watches to Windows PC or Mac?

Martian Passport Watches can be connected to your computer for charging. You need to use the provided USB cable to connect your Martian watch. Insert the micro-USB connector in your Martian watch and regular USB plug in your computer’s empty USB port.

The Martian watch can be paired with one phone at a time only.

Pairing with Apple Devices: The Martian watch can be paired with Apple devices through Bluetooth. Switch on Bluetooth on your apple device and go to the settings menu and select Martian watch from the list.

Pairing with Android phones: Switch on Bluetooth function on Martian watch and Android phone. Go to Bluetooth settings menu and select Martian watch in Devices to complete the pairing

What is Martian Passport Watches used for?

  • Receive and answer calls from your Martian watch
  • Control Smartphone apps by voice command through your Martian watch
  • The analog clock displays time
  • Can be also used as an extended call and message notification system for your Smartphone
  • Listen to text messages
  • Set calendar notifications directly from your watch
  • Use voice commands to control music, set reminders, search the Web and set appointments on your SmartPhone
  • Receive notifications from Facebook, Gmail, twitter, AOL mail, and weather notification on the display

Widgets and Apps for Martian Passport Watches:

Martian Passport Watches are compatible with majority of the SmartPhone’s. A Martian Watch Alerts app is available at Google Play and Apple AppStore. The app enables the Martian Passport Watches to receive notification and alerts. Besides, it also allows the user to make changes to the Martian Passport Watch settings through SmartPhone.


Manufacturer: Martian Watches
Model: Martian watches
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 (Classic and Low Energy)
Operating System: proprietary software developed by Martian Watches company
Battery and Power: Built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery with 7 days of standby time and 2+ hours talk time

you can buy it from:

Martian Store

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