LG GD910 Mobile Phone

LG GD910 is the first 3G watch phone featuring touch screen and having video calling capabilities. LG Electronics has mentioned the LG GD910 is the first Smart phone and watch hybrid to appear in the market. The watch phone is built rugged and comes packed in a waterproof casing. LG GD910 Mobile Phone features an inbuilt-camera and high speed 7.2 Mbit/s 3G HSDPA technology required for making video calls. Besides, this smart watch also feature voice recognition and text to speech features that helps user enjoy hand free experience.

What is LG GD910 Mobile Phone used as?

Standalone 3G mobile phone and digital watch (CellPhoneWatch). The LG GD910 Mobile Phone is compatible with Windows computer.
The watch features three main menu buttons for dialing and receiving calls. Majority of the functions of the phone are handled through navigation menu. The LG GD910 Mobile Phone has several watch faces and user can change the watch face by a single swipe on the capacitive touch screen.

How to connect your LG GD910 Mobile Phone to Windows PC?

The LG GD910 Mobile Phone is just like other mobile phones available in the market. You need to install the LG PC Suite before you connect the mobile phone cum watch to you Windows PC. After installing the PC Suite, you can manage the LG GD910 Mobile Phone just like any other mobile phone in the market.

What is LG GD910 Mobile Phone used for?

  • Can be used to take pictures and make video calls using the in-built camera
  • Insert GSM SIM and make voice calls & sms just like any other mobile phone
  • Listen to music and watch videos
  • Tells time
  • Schedule your appointments and store reminders in the calendar
  • Make notes in the diary
  • Install social networking apps and connect with your friends
  • Surf the Internet
  • Use the world clock face to know time of any place in the world

Widgets and Apps for LG GD910 Mobile Phone:

LG GD910 is a mobile phone and you can install any widget and app that is compatible with new LG Flash user interface.


Manufacturer: LG Electronics
Website: lg.com
Model: LG GD910 Mobile Phone
Connectivity: Bluetooth, GSM/3G, Computer Sync
Operating System: proprietary Flash based User Interface
Battery and Power: built-in 105mAh battery, more than 48 hours stand by time.


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