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I’m Watch is a Android smart watch that brings all Smartphone features to your wrist. The watch is an advanced device that allows you to control your phone, make calls, receive calls, and do host of other things without taking out your Smart phone from the pocket. The watch has several advanced features such as shaking your wrist to reject a incoming call and proximity alert function that alerts you when you move away from your phone.

What is I’m Watch used as?

Standalone watch and extension of your Smart phone (SmartWatch For Android Devices / SmartWatch For IPhone). The smart watch is compatible with wide range of Android Phones, BlackBerry phones and iPhone.
You need to connect your I’m Watch to PC to setup prior first use. Connect your I’m Watch to PC using the USB cable provided in the package. Turn your I’m Watch on and select country, and appropriate time zone. You will receive an activation code when you switch on your I’m Watch for the first time. Go to www.i’mcloud.com and enter your activation code when asked during the registration process.

How to connect your I’m Watch to Smart Phone?

I’m Watch uses Bluetooth to connect to Smartphone. Access Bluetooth settings on your I’m Watch and turn it on. Access your Bluetooth settings in your smart phone and look for I’m Watch in the list and establish a connection. Activate the profiles that you want to have.
Besides, connecting to Smart Phone, you can also connect your I’m Watch to various smart devices such as heart rate monitors, pedometers and many more. The functionality of the watch can be greatly enhanced by adding apps

What is I’m Watch used for?

• Receive and answer calls & SMS
• Make phone call by selecting contact number from phonebook straight from your I’m Watch.
• Play music through built-in mp3 player.
• Receive and read text messages on your I’m Watch.
• Schedule appointments in calendar
• Mark reminders.
• Sync events and appointments with your schedule
• Use it as stopwatch
• Use it as compass.
• Works as your fitness trainer after adding sports and fitness apps

Widgets and Apps for I’m Watch:

The manufacturer offers several apps for I’m Watch in the i’market. Your I’m Watch comes with several apps installed such as Facebook, Twitter, Weather, Stock Market, Compass and many more. One of the popular app for I’m Watch is I’m Music. The app brings the world of music straight to your I’m Watch. With more than 6 million songs in the library, you never run out of choice when it comes to music. Other popular I’m Watch apps include I’m Sport and I’mages.


Manufacturer: I’m S.p.a
Website: imsmart.com
Model: I’m Watch
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Operating System: Customized Android OS
Battery and Power: Built-in rechargeable Li-Po 450 mAh battery Standby time- around 24 hours. Generic use around 5 hours.

you can buy it from:

Amazon - I’m Watch
eBay - I’m Watch
I’m Watch

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