Google Smartwatch

The product is yet to be officially launched,
All information in this article is still only speculation.

(The section will be updated soon)

Google Smartwatch is an advanced Android OS based smart watch. Expert believe Google intends to release Google Smartwatch as a standalone device with data receiving and sending capabilities though it can also be tethered to smart phone or tablet to access internet and different apps. The Google Smartwatch will be based on Google Glass concept with tiny snippets of information on the watch screen. The smart watch will support navigation features such as glass-style tapping, stretching finger gestures and pinching.

What is Google Smartwatch used as?

Standalone digital watch and extension of your Smart phone or tablet. (Smartwatch for Android Devices)
The Google Smartwatch screen has touch screen interface where the user can swipe the screen to reveal apps installed on the watch. The smart watch will have all functionalities that will enable the user to make and answer calls. Besides, the user will also be to see the email notifications and unread messages count on the screen. The watch may also deliver location and map information to the user.

How to connect your Google Smartwatch to Windows PC?

Though not confirmed, Google Smartwatch is more likely to have a mini USB port that will allow the user to connect the Google Smartwatch to computer and sync the contents.

Pairing with Smartphone:

The Google Smartwatch can be paired with smart phone or tablet through Bluetooth connectivity. Switch on Bluetooth in Google Smartwatch. Go to Bluetooth settings in your smart phone and look for Google Smartwatch in the list of devices. Establish connection between your smart phone and Google Smartwatch to complete the pairing.

What is Google Smartwatch used for?

  • Displays date and time
  • See email notification and text messages received on your smart phone
  • View location and map information on you Google Smartwatch
  • Make and receive calls directly from your smart watch
  • Stores appointments and schedules
  • Get reminders for events

Widgets and Apps for Google Smartwatch:

The Google Smartwatch will have several built-in apps such as Gmail, Text messages. Since the Google Smartwatch will have a customized Android OS, several apps available at the Google Play store will be compatible with the new smart watch.


Manufacturer: Google Inc.
Website: The product is yet to be officially launched. (Note: the section will be updated soon)
Model: Google Smartwatch or Google Nexus Smartwatch
Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Operating System: Customized Android OS
Battery and Power: rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

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