Evado Filip

Evado Filip

The Evado Filip is the smallest all-in-one communication and location device in a form of a digital watch. The device was created with a goal to keep parents and children in touch even in state of emergency. In normal times, the device gives children freedom to explore the world around them while letting parents have peace of mind.

Evado Filip VIVOplay combines three communication technologies (Wi-Fi, Cellular and GPS) into one to ensure guaranteed communication during an emergency. VIVOplay was recognized as one of the best safety device for children at CES held in January 2013.

What is Evado Filip used as?

Standalone all-in-one communication device for safety of children and a digital watch. (Kids and Family)

The VIVOplay is a unique safety device that enables parents to remain in contact with their children at all times. The device uses three communication technologies concurrently to keep parents updated about child’s location. VIVOplay has in-built SIM card which allows the parents to call their kids or vice versa in case of an emergency. The device is built rugged and is water resistant which means it can survive majority of the mishaps.

How Evado Filip helps parents know their child’s location?

The in-built GPS locator works with companion Android app or Apple app to disclose the child’s location. Pressing of emergency Red button on VIVOplay sends the location related information to five emergency contacts stored in the device.

What is Evado Filip used for?

  •  Works as a GPS location device
  •  Works as a phone. The device can be used to call any five designated number stored in the device. The device delivers all benefits of cell phone while minimizing concerns related to it.
  •  Works as an emergency communication device. In case of an emergency, kids can press the Red button on the device to notify their parents of their location.
  • Functions as a clock

Widgets and Apps for Evado Filip:

The company plans to unveil apps for Android and Apple Macintosh platform. The apps will be primarily used to setup Evado Filip VIVOplay. After the initial setup, the app can be used as an interface to determine exact location of the child wearing it.


Manufacturer: Evado Filip
Website:  myfilip.com
Model: VIVOplay
Operating System: proprietary Evado Filip software
Battery and Power: built-in 140 mAH Lithium-polymer battery


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