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Cookoo Bluetooth Smart watch is one of the best smart watches your money can buy. The watch has a simple yet beautiful design. The design of Cookoo sets it apart from other smart watches in the market. It has an analog watch face with a black digital background. Unlike other smart watches, Cookoo Bluetooth Smart watch has circular watch face measuring 1.75 inches in circumference. The smart watch has several advanced features that ensure you do not have to take out your smart phone from your pocket.

What is Cookoo Bluetooth Smart watch used as?

Standalone analog watch and extension of your smart phone. The Cookoo Bluetooth Smart watch is compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad (4th & 3rd generation), iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation) (SmartWatch for IPhone and IOS Devices)

The digital background in Cookoo smart watch consists of several icons that give you updated notifications of text messages, email, incoming calls, missed calls, and Facebook messages. This means you always stay connected to your Smart phone without requiring you to hold the smart phone in your hand or look at its screen. You can customize the notifications and the information you want to see on smart watch’s digital background. The notification can be in form of vibration, beep or icon. The watch has a command button on the side that can be customized as per your notification requirements

How to connect your Cookoo Bluetooth Smart watch to iPhone?

Cookoo Bluetooth Smart watch is easy to setup. The Cookoo Bluetooth Smart watch uses Bluetooth to connect with your iPhone and other compatible Apple smart devices. Start the Connected display on your Cookoo smart watch and launch the Cookoo Connected App on your tablet or iPhone. The App will search for Cookoo Bluetooth Smart watch and establish a connection.

What is Cookoo Bluetooth Smart watch used for?

  • Displays time
  • Control music player on any compatible device
  • Shows notifications of incoming calls
  • Know the number of missed calls
  • Get calendar reminders directly on your watch digital screen
  • Get Twitter updates
  • Alerts you when you move away from you phone
  • Helps you locate your smart phone when you are not able to see it.
  • Set timer alerts
  • Can be used to set alarm
  • Gives you battery state notifications for your iPhone and iPad
  • Get Facebook messages and information about different posts directly in your smart watch
  • Control you iPhone and iPad camera to take remote shots
  • Tag your location on Cookoo Maps app

Widgets and Apps for Cookoo Bluetooth Smart watch:

The company provides Cookoo- Time to Connect app that enables you to connect your Cookoo Bluetooth Smart watch to your compatible Apple device. The app can be downloaded for free by users from the App store. The App allows you to control your iOS device remotely


Manufacturer: ConnecteDevice Ltd
Model: COOKOO watch
Connectivity: Bluetooth® 4.0 LE wireless technology
Operating System: proprietary software developed by manufacturer
Battery and Power: standard rechargeable CR2032 button-cell battery

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