Suunto Core All Black

The Suunto Core All Black is an award winning watch having robust construction, stylish design, and all essential functionalities necessary for outdoor adventures. Features like compass, barometer, and altimeter make it’s a perfect outdoor watch that brings out your adventurous personality. The watch is ideal for people who enjoy outdoor activities like climbing, snorkeling, hiking … Read more


Leikr is a next generation sports watch with latest communication technologies and advanced software that helps athlete in tracking progress and improving performance. The watch is a must have device for any athlete looking for training data from triathlon, swimming, cycling and many more sports activities. Leikr GPS sports watch features in-built software such as … Read more


WearIT is the world’s first smart watch based on Android platform which is specifically designed for fitness and sports, wellness, monitoring, personal and social gaming. The Smart watch is equipped with various sensors such as accelerometer, pedometer and magnetometer. The GPS feature in WearIT ensures you are never lost or away from reach of your … Read more

Motorola MotoACTV

MotoACTV is an advanced fitness tracker with GPS functionality and built in mp3 player. The GPS fitness tracker and mp3 player is packed into a small stylish device that can be worn on the wrist. The MotoACTV has several built-in functionalities that work to enhance different sport activities you indulge in. The fitness device is … Read more


The CST-01 is the thinnest wrist watch in the world. Barely a millimeter thick, the CST-01 is thinner than your credit card. The CST-01 is different than other digital and analog watches. The watch comprises of several thin components etched into single flexible stainless steel body. The watch uses E Ink display and is capable … Read more

Pebble E-Paper Watch

Pebble E-paper watch is the first smart watch built for the 21st century. The smart watch brings some of the newest technological innovation to the market such as outdoor-readable electronic-paper (e-paper) display. The watch is extremely light-weight and comfortable to wear. This amazing smart watch has almost everything you can dream in a smart watch; … Read more