Apple Watch


The sale will begin at the beginning of 2015,

Will be sold in three models: Sport, Watch, Edition.

Some general things:

  • It doesn’t called iWatch but Apple watch
  • This is effective watch but he needs the iPhone close to him.
  • Without the traditional IOS system…
  • There is a rotating knob located on the right side of the watch called “Digital Crown” button that allowing certain activities.
  • Clock screen can detect the intensity of contact to activate various functions.
Apple Watch Digital Crown
Digital Crown


What is Apple Watch used for?

  • Accept or reject calls
  • Receive alerts
  • Receive messages
  • Receive reminders
  • You can dictate text using speech
  • Scroll through pictures
  • There are pulse sensors monitoring heart rate and fitness app that connect
  • You can communicate in a very high speed with other users of Apple Watch
Communicate in a very high speed with other users of Apple Watch


Widgets and Apps for Apple Watch:

There will be a variety of applications specifically designed to match the size of the watch,
Developers will be able to develop applications using the SDK WatchKit.

  • The clock includes a navigation app with location and exact location can not get navigation instructions
  • The clock also features Siri
  • Applications will be able to get information from the iPhone and use its sensors (sample iPhone 5)



Manufacturer: Apple Inc.
Website: Apple
Model: Apple Watch

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    • There is no doubt that SmartWatch is going to be the next biggest segment after SmartPhone and Apple Inc has all technologies ready need to design and launch product. The latest news confirm Apple has already applied for registering the name “iWatch” across the world. This only establishes our claims as depicted in the review. The final iWatch when launched will not be different that what we have written.


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