Sony Ericsson LiveView (MN800)

Sony Ericsson LiveView is a smart Android watch that also works as an extension of your smart phone. Though small in size, the smart watch is packed with some good features that somewhat changes the way you use your smart phone. With Sony Ericsson... Read more →

Suunto Core All Black

The Suunto Core All Black is an award winning watch having robust construction, stylish design, and all essential functionalities necessary for outdoor adventures. Features like compass, barometer, and altimeter make it’s a perfect outdoor... Read more →

Evado Filip

The Evado Filip is the smallest all-in-one communication and location device in a form of a digital watch. The device was created with a goal to keep parents and children in touch even in state of emergency. In normal times, the device gives... Read more →


The G-SHOCK GB6900AA-7 is a smart watch with email and messaging capabilities. The watch works like an extension to your SmartPhone. The Casio G-SHOCK GB6900AA-7 works to reduce the risk of missing calls and email communications. It is compatible... Read more →


Leikr is a next generation sports watch with latest communication technologies and advanced software that helps athlete in tracking progress and improving performance. The watch is a must have device for any athlete looking for training data... Read more →


WearIT is the world’s first smart watch based on Android platform which is specifically designed for fitness and sports, wellness, monitoring, personal and social gaming. The Smart watch is equipped with various sensors such as accelerometer,... Read more →

Nike+ FuelBand

Nike + FuelBand is a smart wrist band that inspires you to lead an active life by recording your daily activity and encouraging you to reach your daily fitness goal. This smart fitness gadget uses proprietary fitness technology developed by... Read more →

Motorola MotoACTV

MotoACTV is an advanced fitness tracker with GPS functionality and built in mp3 player. The GPS fitness tracker and mp3 player is packed into a small stylish device that can be worn on the wrist. The MotoACTV has several built-in functionalities... Read more →

sWaP Active

sWap Active is a stylish, ultra-lightweight, sporty smart watch and touch screen camera phone. Besides, a communication capability, the smart device also features an mp3 player for entertainment. . Despite the small size form factor, sWap Active... Read more →

Nike+ SportWatch GPS

Nike+ Sportwatch GPS powered by TomTom is a stylish sports watch that keeps track of your every step you take and encourages you to improve your running performance. The device features a GPS and indoor tracking capabilities which mean every... Read more →


The CST-01 is the thinnest wrist watch in the world. Barely a millimeter thick, the CST-01 is thinner than your credit card. The CST-01 is different than other digital and analog watches. The watch comprises of several thin components etched... Read more →

Mio Alpha

Mio Alpha is an advanced heart tracking wrist watch that enables the user to get most out of exercise. The heart rate is an important fitness metric to know the exercise intensity level. Mio Alpha is an easy to use heart rate monitor that allows... Read more →
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