Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2

Sony SmartWatch 2 is the latest entrant in the SmartWatch category. It is also the first water resistant (IP57 water resistance classification) Smartwatch featuring the new NFC technology tech enthusiasts rave about. Sony has introduced several... Read more →

SONY SmartWatch MN2SW

SONY SmartWatch MN2SW is a sleek, stylish smart watch that tells you more than time. It can be strapped to your wrist or clipped to your clothing. The smart watch offers a wide range of functions that includes controlling your smart phone in... Read more →


Sony Ericsson LiveView is a smart Android watch that also works as an extension of your smart phone. Though small in size, the smart watch is packed with some good features that somewhat changes the way you use your smart phone. With Sony Ericsson... Read more →

Mio Alpha

Mio Alpha is an advanced heart tracking wrist watch that enables the user to get most out of exercise. The heart rate is an important fitness metric to know the exercise intensity level. Mio Alpha is an easy to use heart rate monitor that allows... Read more →

MetaWatch STRATA – Stealth (MW3007)

MetaWatch STRATA – Stealth MW3007 is a sleek, eye-catching smart watch that ushers a new era of convenience. With MetaWatch STRATA – Stealth MW3007 tied on your wrist, you will never feel the need to remove your smart phone from your pocket.... Read more →

Martian Passport Watches

Martian Passport Watches are world’s first voice command watches that work with almost any phone equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology. The watch features a classic analog dial which look more like a James bond device in 1960’s. With... Read more →

i’m Watch

I’m Watch is a Android smart watch that brings all Smartphone features to your wrist. The watch is an advanced device that allows you to control your phone, make calls, receive calls, and do host of other things without taking out your Smart... Read more →

Pebble E-Paper Watch

Pebble E-paper watch is the first smart watch built for the 21st century. The smart watch brings some of the newest technological innovation to the market such as outdoor-readable electronic-paper (e-paper) display. The watch is extremely light-weight... Read more →

Samsung Galaxy Altius

The product is yet to be officially launched, All information in this article is still only speculation. (The section will be updated soon) Samsung Galaxy Altius is a forthcoming next generation smartwatch from Samsung. Several experts also... Read more →

Google Smartwatch

The product is yet to be officially launched, All information in this article is still only speculation. (The section will be updated soon) Google Smartwatch is an advanced Android OS based smart watch. Expert believe Google intends to release... Read more →
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