JooN2 – Phone for Kids and parents

Smartwatch for Kids made by Infomark: Capable of making voice calls and receiving messages from numbers of parents and other registered on Joon Phone. Indicates real time current location of the kid You can sense how your kid feels by viewing... Read more →

Samsung GALAXY Gear S

Key Highlights of this Gear S smart watch / smart watch phone: Works only in conjunction Samsung devices Good and effective High price Based on the operating system Teizn Super AMOLED Screen 360X480 3G, ‏Wi-Fi ו-Bluetooth Receive and make... Read more →

Evado Filip

The Evado Filip is the smallest all-in-one communication and location device in a form of a digital watch. The device was created with a goal to keep parents and children in touch even in state of emergency. In normal times, the device gives... Read more →

sWaP Active

sWap Active is a stylish, ultra-lightweight, sporty smart watch and touch screen camera phone. Besides, a communication capability, the smart device also features an mp3 player for entertainment. . Despite the small size form factor, sWap Active... Read more →

Wimm One

:: This company was acquired by Google :: Wimm One is a stylish trendy smart watch that runs on a modified version of Android platform. Unlike other smart watches with limited compatibility, Wimm One can communicate with wide range of smart... Read more →

LG GD910 Mobile Phone

LG GD910 is the first 3G watch phone featuring touch screen and having video calling capabilities. LG Electronics has mentioned the LG GD910 is the first Smart phone and watch hybrid to appear in the market. The watch phone is built rugged and... Read more →

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